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Kelly Mitchell


 Individual and Couples Counsellor


With over 20 years of experience, Kelly is a committed relationship therapist dedicated to guiding couples and individuals toward healthier communication, relationship dynamics, and intimacy. She works with the unique needs of each client helping them repair connections strained by conflicts, emotional wounds, parenting difficulties, health concerns, infertility, infidelity, betrayal, or crises. Her holistic and compassionate approach allows clients to be deeply seen and heard, creating profound relationship clarity and connection.

Sessions with Kelly focus on building self-awareness, understanding core dynamics and patterns, and creating new strategies for effective communication, conflict resolution, repair and healing. Kelly also offers practical tools and activities for continued progress outside of sessions. With advanced training in intimacy, Kelly assists couples in reigniting desire, addressing libido changes, mismatched intimacy styles, shame, fear, and the scars of addiction or betrayal.

Kelly also works with individuals needing support in the areas of depression, anxiety, addiction, reproductive health and patterns of dysregulated eating. Her expertise extends to helping individuals and couples overcome body shame, facilitating trauma healing, and nurturing self-confidence, fostering newfound self-expression and connection.

More About Kelly Mitchell

As an experienced online practitioner and teacher, Kelly seamlessly transitions the therapeutic environment to an online setting.


With a Master of Counselling and extensive postgraduate training in relationships, trauma, and mental health.

  • For Children and Adolescents:
    Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) Anxiety & Depression Behavioural difficulties Social / emotional skills training Confidence training School refusal Self-esteem issues
  • For Adults:
    Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) Insomonia Anxiety disorders Depressive disorders Addiction Life crises Trauma healing Eating disorders Self-esteem building Repair of old relationship patterns NDIS No matter the problem, we can help!
  • For Couples:
    Intimacy difficulties Recovery from betrayal or infidelity Communication and conflict resolution Infertility
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