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Individual Counselling Brisbane

We assist adolescents and adults through one-on-one talk-based therapy sessions.

At Nurtured Thoughts, we specialise in guiding couples through their relationship challenges, navigating the complexities of trust, infidelity, intimacy, and reconnection.

Congratulations! You being here marks a huge step in the resolution and improvement of your relationship issues.

Acknowledging the profound influence relationships have on our lives is the first step to healing. They shape our mental health, professional performance, and the overall quality of our wellbeing.

We strive to offer more than optimism; we provide a practical, evidence-based, and goal-oriented approach to addressing your relationship challenges, regardless of their intricacy.


Grief and loss

Post-natal mental health

Family separation

And many more Depression Stress Trauma Abuse (sexual, emotional, physical and neglect) Relationships and relational wellness Self-esteem, identity, and personal development Life transitions Eating issues Addictions Pregnancy, parenting and attachment Emotional, social & behavioural concerns in children ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder Sensory difficulties and disorders Early psychosis Childhood issues Spiritual-related health and wellness

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